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  • Progress Quickly with a Master Teacher
  • Enjoy Convenient Lesson in YOUR HOME
  • Learn Secrets of the Russian Piano Method
  • Impress Your Friends With Your Musical Skill
  • Make Money at Weddings and Events

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  • Faster progress than Videos
  • Better than Books and Manuals
  • More Effective than Group Piano Lessons
  • 100% One-to-One Online Piano Lessons with Irma
  • Fantastic way to play piano better

IRMA is an accomplished performer who LOVES TO TEACH.
She can help you play piano better today.
Listen to clips below from her latest Italian Concerts.

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Important: Irma’s online piano lessons won’t teach you to play piano by picking out a melody backed up with chords. Many instructors can do that. With Irma you will learn…
  • The skills to sight read music
  • The most effective way to practice
  • Secrets known only to a handful of pianists
  • How to prepare for performances
  • How to release your own musicality
  • and much more…

Irma was educated in top universities throughout  the US and Europe.
She completed advanced degrees in piano and performance from:

Michigan State University, USA
Indiana University South Bend, USA
Brussels Royal Conservatory, Belgium
Saint Maur National Conservatory, France
Kutaisi Conservatory, Georgia

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  • Play Piano for Church with Traditional Hymns or Worship & Praise
  • Play American Classics like Gershwin & Copeland for your friends
  • Play Piano Recitals and concerts for charity
  • What do you want to play?

“Irma is VERY passionate.  And although she is tuff, she really cares.  Irma’s piano lessons helped me learn how to ‘live and breathe music’ and create ‘the moment’ for my audience.”

- Andrea, Organist for Bethel Baptist Church.

“My daughter has never progressed faster. Irma developed a special connection with her that makes her excited to practice.”

- Kathy, Lansing, MI

“I used to drive my sons over an hour each way to have lessons with Irma.  Then we decided to try online piano lessons. I wasn’t sure how well Skype would work with my 9 year old.  After 6 months, I can say it’s been great.  My sons are are improving faster than ever, and the weekly online piano lesson is very convinient.”

- H.P., San Jose, CA

“Take a moment and remember the best teacher you had from your childhood. Remember how excited you were about learning and how much knowledge they pushed into your head.  THAT is what taking piano lessons with Irma is like.  I began to play piano at an early age and have had many music teachers, both privately and in college.  Irma is hands down the best so far. And the online piano lessons are very convenient.”

- Ralph, Reno, NV

“I flew to the US last summer for two weeks of piano lessons to prepare for my conservatory recitals.  Irma was my teacher in Paris and coming to the US for private help was a great decision.  I learn faster from Irma than anyone else.”

- Audrey, Paris, France

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You Will Progress Quickly taking Online Piano Lessons from Irma

Irma Svanadze in Lisbon

Irma Svanadze in Lisbon

However, you should expect FIVE things:

  • Practicing at least 40 minutes daily
  • Breaking habits that hold you back
  • Two lessons per week (30 mins each)
  • Rapid improvement in your playing
  • To expand the way you approach music

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Other Details

Q. How much do normal piano lessons cost?
A. Online piano lessons are $40 each.

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Q. I don’t play piano very well. I’m basically a beginner.  Will Irma teach me?
A. Yes, Irma will take any level of student as long as they are motivated.

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Q. Is Irma really that good of a teacher?
A. Use your free lesson and decide for yourself.

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Q. What do I need to use as a computer?
A. Your computer will need a camera, microphone and speakers.  You will also need a free Skype account. Go to for the free program and lists of compatible cameras

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Q. Do I need a piano at home?
A. You need a piano / quality keyboard to use for practice.  It should be close to a computer as well.  It does not need to be in your house.

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Q. Can my child take lessons?
A. Young children do great with piano lessons, but not so well with Skype.  If your child is under 7 years old, it is probably best to find them a local, in-person piano teacher.  From 7 to about 11, you will probably need to sit with them during their lessons.

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